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Changes in subs payment for upcoming season

As mentioned at the AGM in June, we've changed our payment structure for this season so we can:

  • Collect fair payments from all players, not just regulars

  • Not substantially increase overall membership from regular players

  • Get money in early to help the club with early-season expenses

  • Allow flexible payment options with incentives for early payment

So for this season, membership options are:

  1. $500 upfront ($420 concession), NOTHING ELSE TO PAY INCLUDING FINALS

  2. Direct Debit $25 per week over 20 weeks plus small setup & transaction fees (17 weeks concession), NOTHING ELSE TO PAY INCLUDING FINALS

  3. $170 annual membership and $20 weekly fees ($100 annual and $20 weekly concession)

If you go for option 1 by October 1st, or option 2 by August 18th, you get a bonus:

  • 1 free drink after every days play

  • 1 free entry into the $1000 draw (valued at $25)

  • A free club stubby holder

So if you want to arrange direct debit, please email a.lasky@optusnet.com.au ASAP.

If you are interested in the upfront option, or have any questions or details you'd like to discuss we'd love to hear from you.

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