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Monday Wrap 18th November - Cricket the winner

This Monday wrap, it's fair to say that cricket was the winner this weekend!

With a couple hundred people in all shapes and sizes in attendance yesterday for our visit from Shane Warne, it's fair to say that cricket is alive and well at Dendy Park. Well done to Ross Stewart for organising a day that provided value to families, players young and old, sponsors and politicians. A special thanks also goes to our apparel supplier Shane Warne Project for making it all possible!

Better yet - the funds raised will be funnelled straight back to our junior program!

Keep an eye on our social media channels for post event news and photos!

Now - to the action!

Senior Men's

1st XI all out 130 vs McKinnon CC 0/20 (Fitzpatrick 47*, Lasky 34)

2nd XI all out 165 vs Beaumaris CC 4/37 (Campbell 55)

3rd XI 1/98 def. Beaumaris CC all out 93 (Selig 4/16, Parmar 44*)

4th XI One day game next week vs Cheltenham Park CC

Senior Women's

1st XI 2/171 def Carlton Brunswick 8/79 (Cameron 95 Pertzel 38* and 3/2)

1st XI 1/63 def Ringwood 5/62 (Wilson 27*)

2nd XI 79 all out def. by Parkfield 2/78 (Aistrope 32*)

2nd XI 4/106 def. by Officer 1/123 (LoPresti 38)

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